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Teaching Strategies

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Elements of spiritual education are integrated into our curriculum to achieve a perfect blend of study and religion. With the belief that the learning process itself is equally important as the outcomes it achieves, children in our kindergarten are encouraged to experience, explore, create and learn by undergoing a multi-process journey.

As education is a collaborative activity, dynamic interaction between teachers and students is strongly encouraged. Children are given plenty of opportunities to reflect, inquire, discuss, operate, make judgements, prove, discover new ideas and express their opinions. Sharing of resource is encouraged in our kindergarten to facilitate interactive learning between children in different age groups through rotation of teaching venues. Our teachers strive to create a dynamic, delightful, harmonious and caring atmosphere in class that fosters mutual learning among children. Our teachers will attend to the talents of each child and respect children’s right of making decisions. Our kindergarten encourages children to try new things, and to explore, observe and study the world around them. It is also our aim to nurture children into inquisitive and confident individuals who are active in the learning process, able to treasure themselves, respect others and care about the happenings around them.